Multiple award-winning singer, producer and songwriter Steve Wonder has opened up on his intention to relocate to Ghana permanently during an interview.

The popular American singer said he wants to move to Ghana to help save his descendants from suffering the same racial Injustice he went through while talking to “Oprah Winfrey”

“I want to see the nation smile again, and I want to see it before I move to Ghana,” he told Oprah. “I’m going to do that. I’m going to move permanently to Ghana because I don’t want to see my children’s children’s children have to say ‘Oh please, like me. Please respect me. Please value me. What kind of sh*t is that?” He told Oprah.

He added that he wishes the world becomes and batter s and safer place for everyone regardless of race but its obvious such is not happening anytime soon.

I want the world to get better. I want us to get beyond this place. I want us all to go to the funeral of hate. That’s what I want.

The Orlando Sentinel reported in 1994 that Stevie Wonder announced his intention. He told a Washington gathering of the International Association of African American Music that he fell in love with the African nation during visits. Adding that “There’s more of a sense of community there.”

Credit: Kwadwo Sheldon


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