Efia Odo is clearly thinking a lot about all the things she needs to think about and she doesn’t cease to share it with her fans and audience on social media.

One of his recent thoughts which she shared on Twitter is why she needs to pray to God to seek forgiveness for the wrongs she does.

According to the socialite and media personality, she does not understand why she can’t be just a human being and needs to be begging God for forgiveness for being who He has created her to be.

She wrote:I never understood why I needed to pray to God to ask God for forgiveness. That’s like praying to God to ask God to forgive me for being a human being. God created everything in this universe including emotions so why should I ask God to forgive me for behaving in my emotion. Efia Odo’s point is that as human, we are prone to committing blunders and that is part of who we are and God himself understands it thus we do not need to be running to Him to seek for recompense for every single display of emotions. Do you agree with her?Do you think asking God for forgiveness is not needful?Do you believe God agrees that we are humans and will understand our emotional blunders?


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